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Austria Residence Permit Program

Austria is a financially safe country in Europe with progressed environment and living standards as well as transportation, education, health care and financing services provide residence permit and citizenship opportunities to the foreign investors contributing significantly to the country’s economy under certain conditions.

Austria Residence Permit Program and Citizenship

Austria has launched a citizenship by investment program which provides citizenship under the conditions of a significant investment in Austria and fulfillment of other criteria for citizenship. Investments in bonds or real estate are not considered as significant investment, in contrary, the investor shall contribute actively to the country’s economy through direct investments such as establishment of new export areas in Austria, creation of new jobs or he/she shall donate at least EUR 3 Million in charitable activities in Austria. The minimum investment amount is determined case by case by the government, which varies between EUR 8 Million and EUR 10 Million.

Apart from these, the applicant shall have no criminal records and submit documents regarding his/her business background, references and other required documents.

The applicant’s spouse and children under 18 ages may also be included in the application.

Austria Residence Permit Program

The average application processing time takes between 24 and 36 months. In case the application is successful, Austrian citizenship and passport is granted to the applicant.

Many advantages which the Austrian citizenship brings with it attract investors’ interest mostly along with living standards of Austria, financial, educational, healthcare and transportation facilities.

Austrian passport holders have the possibility to travel visa free to numerous countries in the world including the countries in Schengen area. Moreover, such persons may reside in other European Union countries and in Switzerland, and also family members which are included in the application and have obtained Austrian citizenship may benefit from these opportunities.

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