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The Government of Quebec’s Immigrant Investor Program was designed to attract high-net-worth business leaders and investors wishing to launch operations in this Canadian province, or to invest in its economy.

Core requirements for prospective investors include solid experience leading a profitable business, presentation of a qualifying asset portfolio, mandatory passive investment in a guaranteed government program for a set time period, and proof of a legal source of capital.

Canada Immigrant Investor Program

Canada Immigrant Investor Program

The economy in Canada is ranked #11 in the world, and is growing at a steady pace, partly due to the influx of high-wealth individuals who received their Canadian passport for participation in Canada’s Citizenship by Investment Program.

Business Opportunities in Canada

Once you’ve acquired a Canadian passport, business opportunity is aplenty as the country is very rich in oil reserves, only second behind Saudi Arabia, creating a strong business market as they’re a big exporter of natural resources.

As far as largest contributors to GDP in Canada, real estate and rental and leasing are the winners, closely followed by manufacturing. Rounding out the list are mining, health care and financial services.

Canadian Education System

Education in Canada; school is mandatory from ages 6 to 16, putting students through a typical system that starts with elementary school before moving into secondary school and then college.

One benefit of the education system in Canada is that graduates of universities experience a very low unemployment rate of only about 4.5% (among those with Canadian Citizenship), a great statistic indicative of a strong job market.

Canada Housing and Real Estate

The real estate and housing market in Canada has seen rises in price due to the strength of the Canadian dollar. The highest priced homes can be found in Vancouver/British Columbia, where the average price of a home is now over $1 million Canadian dollars.

Quebec, on the other hand, has relatively cheap prices, with the average house costing $285,000.

Canada Immigrant Investor Program

Life expectancy in Canada is among the highest in the world, and best of all, their publicly-funded healthcare system provides free care provided by private entities.

Canadian citizenship provides you access to:

  • Free medical and hospital services.
  • Drug insurance
  • Public worker insurance plans for those involved in occupation accidents or industrial disease.

Public automobile insurance that protects all citizens when injured driving a vehicle, no matter who is at fault.

To be eligible for this program, the investors shall have a net worth of at least 1.6 million Canadian dollars (CAD) and deposit 800,000.00 CAD without interests for 5 years with the Government of Quebec.

Investors and their families can obtain Canadian permanent resident visa under this program.

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