Legalixa Law Firm is a full service Turkish Immigration Law Firm with a long record of excellence and professional leadership in Istanbul, Turkey. Our Turkish citizenship attorneys are ready to assist you to file for Permanent Residence Visa Program for Canada. Our Turkish citizenship lawyers represent our clients from application until they get their Turkish Passport. Our Turkish immigration lawyers also represent our clients in other immigration law issues including; extending resident and work permits, application for Turkish citizenship, filing a law suit to cancel any objections.

What is Canada Permanent Residence Visa Program?

Permanent Residence Visa Program for Canada created by the Canadian Federal Government for investors and their families enables to become a permanent resident in Canada under the conditions of meeting certain criteria set out by the Government.

What are the Conditions?

Investors intending to obtain permanent residence visa for Canada shall fulfill following conditions;

  • Proof of a proper business experience; within this frame, the applicant shall have previously managed or operated a qualified business for at least two out of five years preceding the application
  • Personal net worth of at least CAD 1.6 million for the applicant and his/her spouse.
  • Investment of at least CAD 800.000 in a Government Bond for a period of five years
  • Completion of a medical and security evaluation
  • Physical presence for a certain period of time

Apart from the above mentioned investment requirements, the applicant shall submit all documents required for the application.

Canada Permanent Residence Visa Program

How Long does it Take?

Application process for this Program takes 2 to 4 years.

What are the Advantages?

Having a permanent residence visa for Canada provides following benefits to its holders;

  • Holders of permanent residence visa for Canada have the right to travel visa-free, live, work and study without restriction in Canada
  • Canada has one of the highest living standards in the world
  • Permanent residence visa holders may apply for citizenship after four years of residence under the conditions that the legal requirements have been met
  • In case of obtainment of Canadian citizenship, Canadian nationals have the possibility to travel without visa to approximately to 170 countries around the world with their passport.

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