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Excellent professional service with lots of attention to details. Our Turkish operation is up and running in record time and minimum effort on our part. Selcuk Bey is very knowledgeable and provides excellent support to address the many uncertainties faced by new entrants to the Turkish market.
Mamoon A.
I highly recommend every business person and entrepreneur to contact Mr. Selcuk, he is a highly qualified person, and the speed of response from them to the questions is incredible. They are not only a law firm but much more than that. They understand very well the concerns of foreign clients when entering a new market, and they are very patient. Thanks, Mr. Selcuk
Mohammad A.
Our experience with Legalixa Law Firm was excellent. Our lawyer, Mr. Selcuk Akkas, gave our case all the time and attention that was needed to be successful with the immigration processes. He was confident and treated us with respect and as valuable clients. We very much appreciate the knowledge and support we received through the Legalixa Law Firm. Mr. Selcuk Akkas is a professional, knowledgeable, and kind lawyer, and we highly recommend the Legalixa Law Firm.
Muhamed I.
I'm in contact with Legalixa Law Firm for my citizenship program. They have started the service before any contact and all my emails have been answered quickly. The team is really professional and all people speak English very well. Although the service is the best, their fee is competitive and you are not going to be charged for extra services. If you are looking for a law firm who can handle your citizenship program I can say with confidence that Legalixa Law Firm is the best.
Mohammad M.
I wanted to apply for Turkish citizenship last year and was looking to engage an attorney. I spoke to and met with quite a few of them and when I spoke to Mr. Akkas, I immediately knew I wanted to proceed with him. Being an outsider and having no knowledge of the country or the language, my first conversation with Mr. Akkas was enough to put all my doubts to rest. And it surely turned out to be the best decision I made in 2019. One visit to his office and two hours later, we had all the paperwork sorted out. All that followed was done remotely with me living in another country. My application was filed by the team on January 9, 2020 and exactly 4 months later, I got the approval, received passports within a few weeks from the approval. Mr. Akkas has been an invaluable ally for me and his team has extended the most efficient legal service that frankly far outweighs any other association of this kind that I have ever had. The whole process has not only been painless but I have also had critical advice from him on the important decision of identifying the right investment. I have a great relationship with Mr. Akkas and the team and they continue to represent me for all my current and future needs. Thank you Mr. Akkas and the team for all your support and for always being there.
Adnan B.
I found Mr. Selcuk Akkas very efficient and swift lawyer. You made the process of citizenship easy to me and on submission of my and my family documents to you, you applied immediately without any delays. You explanation cleared all my confusions and helped me prepare all my documents with ease. I will work Godwilling always with you. I highly recommend Mr. Selcuk Akkas. He is a very good lawyer. Thanks to Allah Almighty, everything went smooth and InshaAllah after two weeks they said to collect the passport and ID cards. I am grateful to Allah for guiding me to appoint you my lawyer. You did wonderful job and and you did it as fast as possible. Once again Me and my family appreciate your help. Any friends or family members wishing to apply Turkish citizenship, surely I will refer to you InshaAllah. I hope you are doing well. Thanks to Allah Almighty, we got the ID CARDS and PASSPORTS just now. I sincerely appreciate your help and you are one of my best lawyers. Thanks to Allah for guiding me to take you as my lawyer.
Abbas D.
My experience with Mr. Selcuk Akkas was superb, he has made it so easy to obtain the residence permit and citizenship in an outstanding manner with a very short period of time. I strongly recommend anyone to work with Mr. Selcuk.
Luay K.
I have been working with Akkas Law now since September 2019 for all my legal issues. Living outside of Turkey managing legal matters was always a challenge but ever since I have engaged Mr. Akkas and his team, I have peace of mind. They are extremely professional and very accessible, something that is unique to this company. I have never faced a communication blackout with them, they are always available to take your call, sort out issues, give advice and take action. The promptness of their response is invaluable.
My name is Khaled Hamdan from Palestine. I am with my family have been clients with Legalixa Law Firm. The professional staff and Mr Selcuk help us through the last few months to have the citizenship for me and my family through the investment opportunity. I would like to thank them for their best services, best advice. Confidence, professionally and fidelity at work. I wish this institution and Mr. Selcuk more progress ay success.
Khaled Hamdan
My name is Mohammad, and it has been two years that me and my family have been a client of Legalixa Law Firm. I can say with confidence that its services are among the best, the staff are very professional and the firm provides best consultancy advises from investment opportunities to obtaining a citizenship under the leadership of a US educated lawyer, Selcuk Akkas , We couldn’t have our legal matters resolved any easier within the past 2 years if it wasn’t because of this firm.
After long search in Istanbul to find a great lawyer to help me buy a Real estate property and to go through applying to Turkish passport for me and my wife and two children, I have decided to appoint Mr. Akkas in 2018. Mr. Akkas bought the perfect apartment in a perfect location from the best developer. After that in less than six month he managed to get the passports for me and my family I only needed to go one time through all this process. Mr. Akkas helped me in establishing my self in Istanbul and him and his team showed great professionalism and experience. I recommend him and endorse him for his integrity, delivering promises and reliability. Thank you Selcuk bey from my and my family.
Mr. Akkas known to me since 2019 and he has helped me to got Turkish citizenship. He provided me with consultancy services and professional advices which were so helpful to me. All needed documentation for Turkish Government were accomplished by his good company and I highly endorse him for his integrity, hard work, and reliability." Thank you.
Marwan AlKhouli
A very professional firm. As a client I am very content with the service I am receiving; the staff are very helpful and they keep me updated on the progress constantly. They have been very helpful and made the citizenship process very easy.
I have known Mr. Akkas since 2018 and he has helped me on several cases such as buying house and getting Turkish citizenship. He constantly provided professional advice and accompanied me on all processes in Istanbul. I endorse him for his integrity, hard work, and reliability.
Amir A.
I was very lucky to met this great man and his associates in Legalixa law firm. A professional man with sincerely manners. Full of trust and helping. His company is somewhere which anyone could trust to have the best and reliable way for citizenship process also the other attorney services. Mr. Akkas is where I trusted first time I see and time showed me that it was my best choice. So that I brought my friends to get their works done with this company. As a foreigner I had a big problem with understanding Turkish language. But Mr. Selcuk Akkas has a Proficiency in English. And he is very patience if you ask a question for twice he gives you attention and explain it with full description. He cares about his clients. And he helps them for everything not just for the contract subject. His associates are respectful and very active. A wonderful and professional team. Also the services price in compare with quality and precision are very low. You can trust this law firm. I say again that I was very lucky to meet this man and was a client of this firm. Don't hesitate to start your project with them. They give you all you want in a very professional and clear way.
I have known Mr. Akkas since 2018, and I could definitely say I am glad I chose his law firm for help in cases such as buying a house, getting Turkish citizenships, and more. I endorse Mr. Akkas for his is reliability, hard work, and dedication. The firm has accompanied us in every step of the way towards the Turkish citizenship and settling in. I endorse him for his reliability, hardwork, and dedication.
Maen M.
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