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What is the Citizenship by Investment Program for Cyprus?

Citizenship by investment Program for Cyprus is a citizenship program which enables foreign nationals to gain citizenship provided that they meet certain criteria set out by the council of ministers.

What are the Conditions of  Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Program?

The Citizenship by Investment Program requires a significant economic investment to Cyprus. Applicants have following investment options;

  • Purchase of state bonds of the Republic of Cyprus of at least €5 million EUR,
  • Investment of at least €5 million EUR in real estate or other developments such as residential, commercial or infrastructure projects,
  • Purchase of financial assets of Cypriot companies or Cypriot organizations of at least €5 million EUR,
  • Deposit of at least €5 million EUR in a local bank for at least three years,
  • Investment of at least €5 million EUR in the purchase, creation or participation in businesses or companies based and operating in Cyprus.
  • Purchase of qualifying real estate of €2,5 million EUR.

Apart from the above mentioned investment requirements, the applicant shall be over 18 years of age and shall be submit all documents required for the application such as criminal records.

Cyprus Citizenship Program

How Long does Cyprus Citizenship Program take?

Application process for Citizenship by Investment Program takes approximately 3 months.

Advantages of Cyprus Citizenship

Cypriot citizenship offers following advantages;

  • Citizenship of an EU member state provides the right to freedom of movement, work and study in Schengen Area Countries
  • The applicant and his/her family have the full citizenship with passport
  • Owners of Cypriot citizenship benefit from advantage to travel without visa to 157 countries in the world
  • Applicants have a wide range of investment options without residence requirement,
  • One of the citizenship programs with shortest processing time

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