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Property investment of at least €250,000.-EUR gives the right to apply this program. Primary places to purchase a property in Greece are Athens, Mykonos, Crete, Kavala and Thessalonica.

Permanent residency permit in Greece can be attained via this program.

What is Greece Citizenship Program?

Investment Program for Greece is a five year investment based residence process for non-EU nationals which allows free circulation in the Schengen area of 26 states.

What are the Conditions of Greece Investment Program?

Main application conditions for the Investment Program for Greece are;

  • An investment of at least €250,000 EUR in real estate in Greece,

Apart from the above mentioned investment requirements, the applicant shall submit all documents required for the application.

Greece Citizenship Program

How Long does the Process Take?

Application process for this Investment Program takes less than 8 weeks.

What are the Advantages of this Program?

Key advantages of this investment program are;

  • It enables the right to travel without visa to 26 European countries in Schengen area
  • The real estate may be rented to third parties as long as they are not other third state national.
  • Process of the residence permit is very short.
  • Investment level (minimum investment amount required) is one of the lowest required investment amounts for residency in Europe
  • Physical absence does not affect the renewal of the 5 year residence permit for further 5 years.
  • Spouses and dependants under 21 age are regarded as family members.

Greece has been a member of the European Union since 1981 and located in the Schengen area. Greece, a country which is attracting the investors’ interest due to its natural beauties and suitable climate, has been applying a residency permit program for investors in the recent years.

Within the frame of the Permanent Residency by Investment Program which was launched in 2013, Greece has been providing permanent residence permit to investors who invest in real estates at a certain amount. Before this program was introduced, the non-EU citizens were obligated to prove that they have sufficient financial resources to cover their living costs in Greece even without working, if intended to stay longer than 90 days, within a period of time of 180 days.

Under this residency program, which is one of the programs applied in the most of the European Union countries in order to contribute to the country’s economy and increase the number of foreign investments, investors have the opportunity to travel visa free to particularly Greece and Schengen countries and also to numerous countries in the world.

Application requirements for this program are as follows;

  • The applicant shall be a non-EU citizen
  • The applicant shall purchase a real estate in Greece in an amount of at least EUR 250.000 to be paid in full after signing the relevant purchase agreement. As alternative of this investment option, a timesharing agreement for 10 years for a real estate in the same amount or rent of hotel in combined touristic facilities or furnished homes in the same amount for 10 years would also be sufficient as investment.
  • The applicant shall have a valid health insurance.
  • The applicant shall have no criminal records.

Spouses and children of the applicant under 21 ages can also be included in the application. Therefore, family members of the applicant may obtain residency permit in Greece.

The investment amount of EUR 250.000 is not required to be invested in only one real estate; the applicant may invest in more than one property at a total amount of EUR 250.000.

The residence permit is issued for a period of five years and it is subject to a renewal every five years.

Apart from Permanent Residency by Investment Program in Hungary, this program is one of the most affordable permanent residency programs in the European Union countriesi.

The program provides following advantages to investors:

  • As mentioned above, the minimum investment amount for this program is low. Therefore, this program is ranked among the most affordable residency programs in Europe.
  • Holder of this residence permit may travel to all other European Union countries and countries in the Schengen area as well as to 167 countries in the world.
  • The spouse and children under 21 ages may also be included in the program.
  • Being resident in Greece is not required in order to obtain permanent residence permit. Therefore, this program is very flexible for the investor and family members.
  • The investor has the opportunity to apply for Greek citizenship after a residence of seven years. Different from the permanent residence permit, being resident in Greece is required in such a case.
  • The investor may transfer the real estate to another foreigner at the end of five years period. In this case, the residence permit will be transferred to the purchaser of the real estate.
  • Application processing of this program is fast and takes a short time of maximum eight weeks.
  • The investor may lease the real estate to third parties.

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