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Founder of Legalixa Law Firm, attorney Selcuk Akkas was born in Eregli, Konya, finished his first and secondary school education here and after that moved to Istanbul to study law. After graduating from Istanbul University Law School, he completed legal internship to qualify as an attorney at Istanbul Bar in 1992.

He completed his military service as a military judge at the Military Court of Turkish Armed Forces in Ankara. Mr. Akkas started to work for Eczacibasi Ilaç Pazarlama, largest pharmaceutical company in Turkey, in 1994. He gained experience in business law and in intellectual and industrial property rights law here. He resigned in 1998 to move to the USA to improve his legal English and to study master’s degree. He lived in Houston, Texas from 1998 to 2006, studying Legal English courses and graduating a master’s degree on American and international law at Lone Star College

In addition to the above mentioned master’s degree, he worked as an intern at various American companies, University of Houston and Karadag Law Office in Houston to gain firsthand experience in business and international law.

Mr. Akkas represents hundreds of domestic and international companies for legal matters of intellectual property law, business law, and commercial law.

Immigration & Citizenship Law

Mr. Akkas provides legal services on immigration law and citizenship services with investment for many clients around the world. He has obtained more than 400 passports as Turkish citizenship lawyer. He provides consulting services, prepares property purchase agreements and provide legal services for citizenship formalities to foreign clients. At the same time, he provides legal services to apply resident and work permits, renewals of these permits. Additionally, he also represent foreign clients whose residency application/renewal was denied by Istanbul Department of Immigration.

Business & Commercial Law

Mr. Akkas provides legal services on commercial and business law to all kinds of business entities. He provides consulting services, prepares draft investment agreements and provide legal services for incorporation formalities to foreign investors. At the same time, he provides legal consulting services to Turkish companies for investments they would do abroad.

Family Law & Divorce

Mr. Akkas provides all kinds of legal preparation and other services for matters of divorce and family law. He coordinates filing of marriage termination lawsuits based on prenuptial agreements or disputes, alimony lawsuits, custody lawsuits, legal proceedings against violation of custody rights, and legal proceedings against violation of visiting rights, and following such lawsuits and legal proceedings, with the legal staff of this office. Furthermore, he supervises legal proceedings filed against defaults of alimony and following such lawsuits and legal proceedings.

Real Estate Law

Mr. Akkas provides legal services at every stage ranging from purchasing, sale and project development stages, of the real estate industry. He is specialized in construction and environmental laws and regulations and in solving problems with municipalities. Lawsuits filed for matters of property law or development law are followed. Lawsuits filed for matters of mortgage, lease, sale, purchasing and title-deed are followed too.

Bankruptcy & Debt Recovery Law

Mr. Akkas coordinates filing of all kinds of bailiff lawsuits, collection of debts, drafting of payment agreements, all kinds of legal transactions for foreclosure, pledge, etc., representing of debtors and creditors at meetings, lawsuits filed for postponement of bankruptcy, and following such lawsuits, with the legal staff of this office.

Labor & Employment Law

Mr. Akkas coordinates drafting of employment contracts, termination of such contracts, solving problems with labor unions, drafting of collective bargaining agreements, representing this office’s clients at negotiations, and all relevant legal proceedings, with the legal staff of this office.

Specialization in trademarks

Mr. Akkas is one of the first lawyers specialized in trademarks in Turkey, filing hundreds of applications for registration of trademarks, defended his clients’ rights against objections, and followed other official formalities with Turkish Patent Institute. He also defended his client’s rights on cancellation of trademarks, unfair competition and violation of intellectual property rights.

Trademark and Patent Attorney

Mr. Akkas passed the exam which given by Turkish Patent Institute (Turkish Patent and Trademark Office) on 1996 with the registration number “30” and he was among the first trademark attorneys in Turkey. Mr. Akkas has awarded an honorary award by PEM Patent & Trademark Attorneys Association on 22 October 2016 for his service over 20 years in the profession. Mr. Akkas passed the exam which initiated by Turkish Patent Institute (Turkish Patent and Trademark Office) on 2013 and got registered to TPE Patent attorneys’ register with 1324 registration number. Patent & Trademark Attorney Selcuk Akkas still working as a trademark and patent attorney within the scope of Turkish Patent and Trademark Office.

Trademark and Patent Expert Witness

Mr. Akkas has been a trademark and patent expert witness in various courts and executive offices in the field of Istanbul Courthouse and he has examined the files, went to discoveries and wrote expert reports.

Trademark and Patent Mediator

Mr. Akkas passed the exams on 2014 and got registered to Head Department of Mediation which within the body of Ministry of Justice, with the registration number of 1224. Since that date, he directed various parties to the mediation especially in cases of trademark and patent infringement, malicious registration and compensation.

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“It's the first time working with an attorney for me, that’s why I don’t have any experience to compare, but I am so pleased and dearly satisfied with the current professionalism. “Trust” is the most basic feeling I have felt about Mr. Akkas since we met. I believe this is the most important value in the profession of lawyers.”
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