Legalixa is an award-winning immigration law firm in Istanbul, Turkey with an exceptional success rate in almost every legal matter we have ever handled. Our Turkish criminal law lawyers are prepared to handle your criminal law service needs in Turkey.

Legalixa Law Firm is a progressive, full-service Turkish criminal law firm comprised of talented and effective defense attorneys who are dedicated to serving their client’s legal needs in Istanbul, Turkey. Based in Istanbul’s new financial district, Legalixa Law Firm is able to protect its clients’ rights throughout Turkey.

Turkish Criminal Law Lawyers

Legalixa’s Turkish criminal law attorneys vigorously defend companies and their executives and directors against charges of criminal misconduct and related civil claims.

Utilizing a talent base composed of former high-ranking prosecutors and long-time defense practitioners, we have delivered successful results through both the adversary process as well as through skillful negotiation.

Our matters span varied industries and have involved concerns of criminal misconduct under antitrust, banking, environmental, false claims, health care, and securities laws, among others. With the support of counsel, our Turkish criminal law lawyers can defend clients nationally and internationally from our Istanbul Office.

Turkish Criminal Code explained the object of the Turkish Criminal Code as; ARTICLE 1- (1) The object of the Criminal Code is to protect individual rights and freedom, public order, and security, state of justice, public health and environment, communal peace, as well as to discourage commitment of offenses.

This Law defines the basic principles for criminal responsibility and the types of crimes, punishments, and security precautions to be taken in this respect.

Turkish Criminal Law Lawyers

Corporate Criminal Investigations

Our Turkish criminal law lawyers quickly deliver the experience and resources necessary to perform complex and often time-pressured internal investigations that usually accompany any significant government investigation and related civil plaintiffs’ litigation.

Providing coordinated and consistent defenses to such “parallel proceedings” have been the hallmark of our practice for decades. We react quickly when there is an opportunity to understand the scope of any potential problems before they are discovered by potential governmental or civil plaintiff adversaries.

Our Turkish criminal law lawyers’ ability to manage the competing pressures and restraints of a matter has been proven in numerous industries. Our knowledge of the criminal process and civil fraud litigation means that our investigations are conducted with an eye toward both the potential benefits of a successful investigation as well as an awareness of the pitfalls inherent to such investigations.

Compliance Program Counseling

We also provide counsel in the development of compliance programs to minimize the risk of future criminal or civil problems. Our Turkish criminal lawyers recognize the value of prevention or at least early detection of possible misconduct.

Our lawyers are experienced with the importance of compliance programs and, more importantly, in persuading prosecutors to decline indictments. Toward that end, our lawyers assist management in developing effective compliance programs, carefully tailored to the client’s industry and particular needs.

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Since its foundation, Legalixa Law Firm has been the choice of numerous clients in Turkey. We’ve always worked differently than other law firms. We are committed to remaining forward-thinking and preparing for the dynamically changing world of Turkish criminal law.

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