Legalixa Law Firm is the leading Turkish Law Firm with a long record of excellence and professional leadership in Istanbul, Turkey. Our Turkish real estate lawyers are prepared to handle your real estate law & leasing needs in Turkey.

Legalixa Law Firm is a progressive, full-service Turkish law firm comprised of talented and effective attorneys who are dedicated to serving their client’s legal needs in Istanbul, Turkey. Based in Istanbul’s new financial district, Legalixa Law Firm is able to protect its clients’ rights throughout Turkey.

Turkish Real Estate Lawyers

Our Turkish real estate lawyers aggressively represent individuals, family-owned businesses, and corporations in all aspects of real estate law, including acquisition, developing, leasing, financing, and selling real estate in Turkey.

Legalixa Law Firm attorneys have represented buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants, and lenders. We have also represented numerous developers on a wide range of development projects, including cluster homes, residential subdivisions, industrial facilities and parks, multi-tenant office buildings, shopping facilities, and hotels.

Legalixa Turkish real estate lawyers advise clients on all aspects of their projects, including the determination of the development vehicle to use, the initial assembly of the property, obtaining local municipality approvals for permits and zoning, and construction of the project, and ultimate sale or lease of the development.

Throughout each of these stages, Legalixa Law Firm attorneys assist clients in obtaining and analyzing environmental site assessments and in working with consultants, lenders, and governmental authorities in related environmental matters. We also assist in workouts on behalf of owners and lenders.

The firm has attorneys in its Real Estate section who have significant experience in negotiating and drafting construction and land acquisition contracts, as well as handling land use and zoning matters, right of way, and other property acquisitions in Turkey.

Turkish Real Estate Lawyers

Real Estate Purchase by Companies

Trading companies are allowed to purchase real estate in Turkey within the limits of special statutes. The restrictions for foreign natural persons also apply to foreign trading companies. Associations, foundations, cooperatives, and funds are not permitted to purchase real estate.

Military Areas

According to Turkish Law No. 2565, Article 9 (b) property which is located in a military area or a security zone may not be purchased by foreigners. The registry of deeds proves whether the real estate is located in such an area. This may cause significant delays because no registration in the cadastre may be done while the proving procedure is going on.

Turkish Citizenship with Real Estate

We do perform Turkish citizenship services with investment options, however, Turkish Citizenship Laws becoming more complex each and every day. We have extensive experience in immigration law in Turkey and we have obtained more than 560 passports.

We have successfully represented clients from Iran, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Egypt, Tunis, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Macao, China, Djibouti, USA and we know how to get the required paperwork done in each country.

We perform legal services for making an investment and getting a conformity certificate for the investment to apply for Turkish citizenship. Once the investment step is completed, we will apply for residency for the main applicant.

After that, we will prepare a citizenship file for the main applicant and his/her spouse and kids. An English-speaking attorney will help the client to get fingerprinting and apply for a Turkish ID card and passport. Turkish passport and ID card will be mailed to our office address.

Real Estate Purchase Services

  • Discuss Client concerns and issues with the Client.
  • Draft or review the offer, and purchase contract.
  • Discuss or negotiate the offer or contract with the Developer or the Developer’s lawyer.
  • Prepare up to two sets of revisions or responses to counteroffers, if necessary.
  • Review the information provided by the developer (if the property is off-plan).
  • Check whether the house is free of charges and/or rented out (if the property is a second-hand home).
  • Check whether the Real Estate Tax payments are in good standing.
  • Check the local Municipality whether the Developer has all the necessary licenses.
  • Accompany you to the Title Deed Office in order to sign the purchase and sale deed.
  • Change the property title in the Cadastral office.
  • Process Client stamp duty tax on your behalf.
  • Getting the documents translated and notarized.
  • Applying for the Turkish Tax Id Number.
  • Assistance for opening a bank account in Turkey.

Property Management Services

After we completed your property purchase, we can provide the below services;

  • Register your property with the local Municipality to pay the annual Environmental and Garbage Collection Tax.
  • Arrange a real estate agent to list your property to lease.
  • To sign a lease contract with your tenant.
  • To make sure the tenant is paying rent on time.
  • If the tenant is not paying rent on time, we will send him/her a warning letter.
  • If it is needed, we can file a lawsuit to evict the tenant.
  • To observe if the tenant is paying monthly dues to the management.

Recently, the amount of purchasing real estate with a minimum of $250,000 was increased to $400,000.- (Four Hundred Thousand US Dollars) by Presidential Decree No. 5072, published on May 13, 2022, in the Official Gazette.

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