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Turkish Resident Permit Rejections

Legalixa is an award-winning immigration law firm in Istanbul, Turkey with an exceptional success rate in almost every legal matter we have ever handled. Our Turkish immigration lawyers are prepared to appeal Turkish resident permit rejections fast.

Our Turkish immigration lawyers represent our clients in Turkish immigration law issues including; applying for work and residence permits, renewing, extending resident and work permits, applying for Turkish citizenship, and filing a lawsuit to cancel any rejections or objections.

Turkish Resident Permit Rejections

Turkish Resident Permit Rejections

Touristic resident permits are not available in Turkey anymore. The Turkish Interior Ministry has changed its policy for immigration and resident permits. To get a resident permit, the applicant must purchase a residential property for more than 75,000 USD in Istanbul and other big cities.

This amount is 50,000 USD in smaller cities. You can easily renew your resident permits based on property ownership and you and your family can apply for Turkish citizenship after 5 years.

Recently, Immigration Offices in Turkey have been rejecting residence permit applications, especially in Istanbul due to the increasing density of foreigners. 1,200 neighborhoods have been closed for resident permit applications or renewals.

Touristic Resident Permits aren’t Available Anymore

After receiving a rejection of your renewal application, you must leave Turkey in 10 days or file a lawsuit to challenge the validity of this decision. Otherwise, your status will become “illegal” and you must leave.

The reason for refusal is Article 32, titled “other reasons“. In our legal opinion, this decision sometimes is arbitrary and we can get it canceled through a lawsuit.

However, filing a lawsuit alone is not enough, an additional decision regarding the suspension of execution must also be taken by the court.

If there is another decision was ordered for your deportation, you must file another lawsuit to STOP your deportation. Upon filing an objection, we can stop your deportation until the end of this case.

Please contact us for our attorney fees for canceling your renewal rejection lawsuit and court filing fees and expenses.

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